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DATIA is pleased to announce its newest initiative – The Marijuana Education Outreach Fund. As states move forward with various forms of legalized marijuana, whether legalized for medical or recreational use, employers seeking to maintain a safe and drug-free workplace are forced to face new challenges.

Many are unsure of whether they can continue to test for marijuana use and take corrective actions against employees that test positive. Many are unsure of just how safe marijuana use is since pro-marijuana groups are constantly promoting its “benefits.” DATIA has been working on developing educational information for employers to address these questions and more, but needs assistance via funding to effectively bring such projects and future efforts to fruition and to get the information out to those employers.

Donations to the Marijuana Education Outreach Fund will be used to advocate for employers’ rights to a safe and drug-free workplace. As part of this, funds will be used to research and provide employers with information regarding:

  • How marijuana use truly impacts employers and their applicant pools
  • Risks associated with lack of consistent policy enforcement
  • How to comply with state laws concerning legalized marijuana, while maintaining an effective drug testing program

As a professional and/or organization dedicated to maintaining safe and drug-free workplaces, we are asking for your support of this important initiative. Your donation will benefit both employers and the drug and alcohol testing industry. As a result, you will receive exclusive benefits and opportunities only available to fund donors. These benefits include not only public recognition of your/your organization’s support of this initiative, but also exclusive access to meet with DATIA’s leadership working on this important project.

In addition to supporting activities to ensure employers’ rights to maintain a safe and drug-free workplace including prohibiting use of marijuana by employees, donors will receive the many benefits.

We encourage you to donate to this important initiative. You can do so via the HTML or PDF donation form. We thank you in advance in anticipation of your support.

  • Find out more about donor levels and benefits here.
  • Donate to the Marijuana Education Outreach Fund via HTML or PDF.


Recent Studies and Reports in Support of Drug-free Workplaces in Light of Legal Marijuana


Brochure: Clearing the Haze of Confusion About Employee Marijuana Use

Employees who use marijuana have 75% more absenteeism, 55% more industrial accidents and 85% more workplace injuries than other employees. Marijuana is the most frequently used drug in the United States.

Perhaps the greatest negative impact from drug use overall is the economic loss. The National Institutes of Health report that drug abuse costs the U.S. economy $246 billion annually in decreased productivity, turnover, medical costs, increased
accidents and absenteeism. What is the cost to your company? 

What resources are available for creating a valued company policy? How can DATIA Help? View/print this informative brochure here.

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Brochure: Busting the Top 10 Marijuana Myths

DATIA has been carefully following the issue of marijuana legalization and how it will affect employers seeking to maintain a drug-free workplace. Many companies and individuals have been led to believe that marijuana is harmless, un-addictive and safer than alcohol. We are addressing these misconceptions and providing clear facts that employers (and their service providers) can use to defend their drug-free workplace policies. DATIA has developed two brochures that are available for download: one longer brochure with cited references, and a shorter, bulleted brochure that can be used as talking points.

                           Long Version                                                                                                                           Short Version



White Papers


As marijuana legalization surges across our nation, many of us view it as an inevitable tidal wave of unquestioning change that we must consider the new cultural norm. The prevailing mindset seems to be that "everyone wants it." However, the simple fact that the marijuana lobby has a brilliant marketing strategy of social norming does not mean that everyone wants marijuana legalization, nor does it indicate that our responses to this issue are coming from an informed point of view.

With increasingly relaxed attitudes toward marijuana legalization in the United States, some employers are evaluating their drug screening protocols and wondering if it is time for a change. Once Florida contractor recently made this observation to a drug test provider: "What people do on the weekend is no business of mine. If they are using pot, who am I to judge? So long as they do not come to work high."


This webinar provides an update on current marijuana laws following the 2014 ballot initiatives as well as current case law and how this impacts employer substance abuse and drug testing policies. In addition, this webinar provides information on DATIA’s partnership with Marijuana@work to provide detailed legal information regarding marijuana laws, case law, how to formulate substance abuse policies in these states, etc. to members.

Can employers still drug test workers for marijuana and, if so, can they initiate formal discipline, including termination, when someone tests positive? Can employers prohibit employees from possessing marijuana while at work? Which drug testing method (urine, oral fluid, and hair) is best when it comes to marijuana detection in light of these laws? How should they address the issue in their drug-free workplace policies?

This webinar focuses on medical marijuana in addition the already planned discussion on drug testing case law. Bill Judge presents and shares insights with you on cases, opening your eyes on what to do to decrease your chances of having litigation brought against you or your clients. This webinar also explores medical marijuana laws across the nation. Do you know where your state stands on this issue?

Companies committed to drug-free workplaces face challenges with contradictory laws and struggle to understand the actions they are able to take. The confustion also spills into drug testing as employers ask if they can still screen for marijuana. This webinar,  presented by two industry experts, Dr. Barry Sample and Faye Caldwell, separate marijuana fact from fiction in both the legal and scientific landscapes. Topics include nuances of laws by state, substance abuse policies, marijuana positivity in the American workforce, and affective drug testing solutions. 



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