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**All Webinars To Begin At 2PM EST** 

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Webinar Schedule

**All Webinars To Begin At 2PM EST**

April 4, 2018

The Role of the Substance Abuse Professional (SAP)

Presented By: Nicholas Barry MSW, ICADC,



April 4, 2018 (Click here to register)

The Role of the Substance Abuse Professional

Presented By: Nicholas Barry MSW, ICADC,

The Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) is a crucial part of each drug free workplace and is integral to the process of keeping your workplace safe. During this webinar, participants will learn about the role of the SAP and receive solid information necessary for determining how best to incorporate SAP services into your drug free workplace program. In addition to case studies, topics to be discussed include:

  • What is a Substance Abuse Professional?
  • Where did the SAP designation come from and who can act as a SAP?
  • What is the difference between a SAP and a regular therapist or counselor?
  • What circumstances would you refer to a SAP?
  • What happens to the employee when they are asked to see a SAP?
  • What happens during the SAP interview and what is the actual reporting process?
  • What are the outcomes of a SAP interview?
  • What does the SAP looks for during a return-to-work interview?
  • Accountability and responsibility, are they your friends?  
  • What are some of the expanded roles for SAPs that companies are using?
  • The recovery process and enabling behaviors that hinder the process. 

About the Presenter:

Nicholas Barry has been working in various aspects of the addiction field since 1985, most notably in the workplace. He is an Internationally Certified Alcohol and Drug Counsellor (ICADC), a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP), and has a Master’s degree in Social Work (MSW). He has served on the board of the Canadian Addiction Counsellors Federation and has been a media commentator on addiction issues. Ignoring substance abuse problems allows them to become worse, thereby affecting others — sometimes drastically. Dealing with substance abuse ensures safety and the person with the problem will get the chance to take responsibility for themselves and get better. 

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