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Is your drug testing policy compliant with state law?

DATIA is happy to share with its members our partnership with Encompass Compliance Corp. Encompass is the most comprehensive provider of workplace drug, alcohol & marijuana compliance services.

State workplace drug and alcohol testing rules are a complex maze of statutes, regulations and court decisions. There are more than 650+ state drug-testing laws and more than 10,000 related court decisions for you to keep up with.

Encompass provides affordable access to your state’s employers guides to medical marijuana, legal marijuana statues, post-accident checklists, regulations and much more! Encompass also provides affordable access to your state’s drug test compliance rules, employers guides to medical marijuana, legal marijuana statues, post-accident checklists, regulations and much more!

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Employers Guide to Medical Marijuana

Nearly 40 states have some form of authorized cannabis use. Is your state one of them? If so, will the new law require a change in your company policy or procedures? Can you fire a medical marijuana user who tests positive? Should you stop testing for marijuana?

The Employers Guide provides 1-year access to a simple guide through each state's medical marijuana laws, regulations and court decisions (if they exist). This is a fast-moving issue, changing almost weekly, so check back there to see new material.

Find out more about the Employers Guides here.

Legal Marijuana Statutes

Get all the "mandatory" state statutes related to workplace drug and alcohol testing in each state in which your company works. A "mandatory" statute is one that requires you to follow it requirements or limitations if you choose to conduct employee drug testing.

Purchase your state’s statues here.

Get the Entire Kit!

Save money by getting the whole kit!

These kits are the comprehensive resources designed to assist program managers with the necessary compliance tools, for each state, to properly manage your program. These are to be used with your "Core" corporate policy.

  1. Employers State Compliance Guide
  2. A State Policy Addendum (when necessary)
  3. Implementation Checklist
  4. Reasonable Suspicion Checklist
  5. Post-Accident Checklist
  6. Medical Marijuana Guide (if it exists in the state)
  7. Rebuttable Presumption addendum (if it exists in a state)
  8. Statutes
  9. Regulations (if available)

Purchase your state’s content here.

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Why Encompass?

When any changes occur in any of the items you’ve purchased, they alert you through your custom portal and/or by email for 1 year.

We know your job of keeping up with all these ever-changing rules isn’t easy. So Encompass provides these resources – All at an affordable cost! Get annual access for as low as $14.95!

Get your statues, guides or the entire State Compliance Kit here.



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