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Cover-16th editionThe Guide to State and Federal Drug-Testing Laws, retailed at $595 per set, is available to DATIA members for the discounted rate of $495. This is the ultimate roadmap for navigating state and federal drug laws.

This is the ONLY book written specifically to help you understand and comply with state and federal laws.

The Guide includes:

  • Analyses of all statutory law, case law, and regulations relevant to your substance-abuse-prevention policies and programs 
  • Analyses of state laws which restrict random drug testing, on-site testing, and hair testing… and matrices of these drug-testing statutes and cases
  • Summaries of all workers’ and unemployment compensation statutes and cases related to drug and alcohol testing and abuse
  • Overviews of relevant DOT regulations, and of ADA and FMLA requirements
  • Summaries of the drug-free workplace requirements for federal contractors and grantees

The Guide Answers Your Questions:

  • How do court decisions impact the drug testing of employees and job applicants in my state?
  • Has my state legislature enacted a drug-testing law?
  • Which states restrict or prohibit pre-employment, "for cause," random, and or/other types of drug testing?
  • Which states have workers’ compensation and unemployment compensation provisions relevant to employee substance abuse and adverse employment action?
  • Which states have requirements affecting testing procedures such as chain-of-custody, confirmatory tests, and laboratory choice?
  • Which states offer employers benefits for implementing drug-testing programs?

The Guide Saves Money and Time

The Guide, created by the Institute for a Drug-Free Workplace, is a comprehensive and authoritative, 1450-page, two-volume guidethatis easy-to-use and will save thousands of dollars in legal fees and hundreds of hours in staff time. It is the ultimate roadmap for compliance with state and federal laws, and is available to DATIA members at the discount rate of $495 per set.

The Guide Clarifies Marijuana Laws by State

The Guide summarizes the state-by-state laws and helps ensure compliance with state and federal laws, minimizes legal liability, and assists you with implementation and enforcement of your substance-abuse-prevention policy relative to “medical-marijuana” and “recreational-marijuana” statutes.

For bulk orders of 10+ Guides, please contact Alison Loughlin of the Institute for a Drug Free Workplace directly at 703-391-7222 for special discounted pricing. Be sure to mention that you are a DATIA Member to get your DATIA discounted bulk rate. Bulk rates are based upon the number of Guides purchased at one time.



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